May 23, 2020 I Quarantine Hobbies

While many cities are reopening, caution and rationale are key to staying healthy so you may not want to venture out too soon. With that being said, you may still be looking around for activities to pass the time. Customary pastimes can soon become tedious when repeated day after day, causing time to drag monotonously. But if you look outside the box, you’ll find a host of ideas, ideal for our new normal. Here are eight great ideas to start and perhaps they will make way for a host of new ideas:

1. Play old and/or family games

Dig out your old, forgotten, family games, or those of your children, and take a fresh look at them. They’re sure to bring back happy memories so why not set them up on your table and play them once again? If you’re on your own, you can play the part of your opponent or team members, too, or share the game with a friend via the Internet. Perhaps you have some childhood toys stored away, too, such as a train set, puzzles or old video games which you can enjoy again in your maturity. Make the most of your spare time to revisit all your old treasures.

2. Explore your wardrobe’s potential

When you’re on lockdown it can be hard to find the incentive to dress up and look your best. However it’s still well worth the effort as it promotes positive energy. Remember, you have time to survey the contents of your wardrobe so make the most of this opportunity. Try on clothes you haven’t worn for years to see how they fit, and how their style appeals to you now. Tastes change over time, as do sizes, so you may find your style has changed. It’s also interesting to mix and match clothing items you never thought of combining previously for exciting new looks. Don’t forget to include shoes, jewelry and accessories in your experiments for the full effect. Why not dress for dinner a few nights a week?

3. Decorate a chosen corner

Designate one area of your home as a special place and decorate it accordingly. It might be your bedroom windowsill, your living room fireplace or your dining room table, for instance. If you have an outdoor area, you could choose a section of that instead, and enjoy the sunshine and fresh air as you decorate. As for materials and style, they will depend largely on what decorative materials you have available, but the possibilities are wide open. You might opt for a display of old family photos, an array of potted plants or herbs for instance. If you have a particular craft or artistic skill, it could come in handy for this project.

4. Watch nature close up

With time available, you can pursue an interest in depth. One fascinating topic that you’re unlikely to have time for normally is nature study. Wherever you live, and whatever the current season, you’re bound to be able to access some form of nature, however small or common it is. Whether it be squirrels in a nearby tree, for instance, or a tiny insect or weed beneath your doorstep, you’re sure to find something to watch from day to day. Note their details, and any changes or movements you observe over time, and compare them with information given for the species online. Examine the item or creature through a magnifying glass or pair of binoculars and photograph or record them at different times of day and night for a sequenced display. Perhaps share your discoveries with friends and followers and encourage them to pursue nature projects as well.

5. Study the stars

During a lockdown, you may notice fewer airplanes and vapor trails in the sky than usual. In this peaceful situation, the stars and planets show up well at night, so take the opportunity to step out and study them each evening. You may also notice a quiet, calm atmosphere around you, with reduced traffic on the roads. This tranquil setting will enhance your enjoyment of the bright constellations above.

6. Review your all-time music collection

If you listen to music regularly, you’re sure to possess a few great playlists. You may have a physical collection in DVD or compact disc form, and perhaps some old, vinyl records, too. Pass the time away in relaxed fashion, listening again to all your old, forgotten music. If you have close neighbors remember to keep the volume at an acceptable level for them, turning it down further at night.

7. Backtrack through your photo gallery

How many photos and videos have you saved over the years? Now is the ideal time to find out, travelling back through time as you go. Looking back on past events can be a nostalgic experience, so play some upbeat music while you sift through those old pics. Share your favorite photos and clips with friends and perhaps ask them to share theirs in return. This could be a good time to sort your collection into categories for easy access. You could even go the extra mile and put them together in album form, complete with cover, title page and captions.

8. Cook new dishes

With time on your hands, you can try out new cooking techniques and expand your meal range. If you normally buy ready-made meals, you may enjoy making your own concoctions instead. You’ll find all the recipes and guidelines you need online but it’s also fun to experiment with ideas of your own. If you find cooking a challenge, set a relaxed ambience with some background music or your favorite podcast. But once you start adding and mixing, you’ll soon get into the flow. Experience the flavors and textures of dishes you’ve never tried before. Discover the culinary secrets of different cultures from around the world, and stimulate your taste buds with every new meal.

With these recommendations, you’ll have plenty of new activities to enjoy. What’s more, these ideas are sure to spark more, so follow your instincts, explore the possibilities and you’ll turn your quarantine into golden time.