Let’s face it. We have too many distractions in our lives. The sound of traffic, the television, music from iTunes, people talking constantly, plus self-talk, bombards our brains with too much information. One of the easiest ways to counter the onslaught is to sit quietly. Just ten minutes out of your noisy schedule provides plenty of benefits. The payback from sitting in silence.

  1. Stress Relief

Anxiety can make you tired and irritable. When left unchecked it has worse effects including stress-related diseases and depression. When you sit in silence your autonomic system calms. Your heartbeat and breathing become slower. You relax as the tension in your shoulders, back, jaw, and neck decreases and concerns drift away.

  1. Clarity

You can’t think straight when thoughts stream through your mind. Angst-fueled internal chatter stifles peace and contentment. Sit quietly and follow your breath with awareness if you want to clear your head. Let unwanted thoughts flit in and out of your mind like birds flying in the sky. Note them, but don’t give them significance. Worries need not plague you if you detach from them with mindfulness.

  1. The Joy of Doing Nothing

How often do you do nothing? You’re busy much of the day and might not take a breather unless you are in bed or the bath. Rest is vital for health and well-being though. Just ten minutes of distraction-free sitting can give you time to recoup and gather strength.

Your life is hectic, but it need not be full of tension. Give yourself the gift of ten minutes sitting in silence a day and you’ll reap the rewards of increased well-being, focus, and contentment.