Maintaining health and fitness is vital to preventing illness. Whether you have an existing medical condition or are looking to shed a few extra pounds, setting goals will help you achieve results. Here’s how to plan your fitness routine and set some simple goals.

List Your Objective 

Start off by making a list of all the things you want to do to get fit and stay healthy. Examples could be losing weight, changing your diet, reducing sugar intake or learning a new sport. At this stage you don’t need to be specific.

Prioritize Your Areas of Focus

Review the list you made and decide what is the one area you want to focus on first? You should have a maximum of two areas to look at in depth. Any more than that and you risk being overwhelmed and it will be harder for you to focus. Choosing areas that complement each other works well as one will help achieve the other. If you have been given a specific area to improve upon by a dietician or doctor, work on that first.

Set Simple Goals

Once you have identified one of the areas to work on, break it down into smaller steps. Losing twenty pounds in a month may often be too big of a goal. Instead, split your goal to track yourself weekly. This is far more achievable and gives you a sense of getting somewhere. If you plan to reduce sugar in your diet, start with leaving it out of your coffee, and then move on to something else. When implementing a walking routine, begin with a walk round the block, gradually increasing the distance. Keeping the bigger goal in mind such as trekking  through the Alps or fitting into your favorite suit again will keep you motivated.

Work on Your Plan

Once you have your goals, make a chart or keep a log of what you achieve. Some people are good at spreadsheets and others like a pictorial chart on the refrigerator. Using apps or trackers can also be helpful when charting your progress. This will enable you to see how well you are doing as your goals are achieved. If you are under the care of a doctor or therapist it acts as a discussion item when you have a review.

Reward Yourself

When you achieve each goal, take time to reward yourself.  The reward can be something small, like your favorite meal or a day in the countryside. By treating yourself you are valuing you and the achievements you are making. Don’t forget to celebrate and reward yourself with an extra special treat when the ultimate goal you had in mind is complete.

Once you have achieved a new level of fitness you will feel better for having made the effort to introduce some healthy habits into your life. Be proud of your endurance! Your new goal is to maintain your new lifestyle and stay as healthy as possible.