Financial freedom is a long walk. Depending on your strategy, it can take a lifetime to build generational wealth. When it comes to making money in 2021, you have to be patient and persistent.
2020 has been an interesting year, with many ups and downs. While some businesses and individuals experienced financial success, others lost money or went out of business.
Regardless of your past experiences, you can make this year better than ever. Here are 5 tips to help you build wealth in 2021.

1. Invest in your 401k.

Saving for retirement is always a good idea. A retirement plan will not make you wealthy when you start it. However, it can provide consistent income in your golden years.
Since its inception, 401k plans have helped millions of employees plan for their retirement. If you have a 401k plan, be sure to maximize your retirement savings. In 2021, you can invest as much as $19,500 in your 401k plan.
Additionally, your employer may match your contributions. Be sure to take full advantage of this and do not leave any free money on the table.

2. Buy and sell real estate.

For many years, real estate has been a good investment. People will always need a place to live. Providing shelter for tenants is a rewarding way to attain financial freedom.
Real estate is an appreciating asset that can provide passive income. You have the option of turning that property into a source of revenue by renting it out to other people.

3. Start a business.

The richest people in the world aren’t employed by other companies. They own their own businesses. It’s no secret that building a business can help you attain wealth.
Everyone should consider starting a full-time business or a part-time side hustle on the evenings and weekends. Consider investing in a low-cost franchise that doesn’t require your active participation. Set up your business and hire someone with a proven track record to operate it for you.

4. Join an investment club.

Investing in stocks offers plenty of opportunities to create wealth. Billionaires such as Warren Buffet proved that it’s possible to become wealthy just by having stakes in other people’s businesses.
In addition to stocks, there are several types of investments. These include mutual funds, cryptocurrency, real estate and startups.
Before you begin, learn as much as you can to master the art of investing. Study the various investment options available to you. Having the money to invest is one thing; knowing the best way to invest the money is another. Picking a good investment strategy requires financial wisdom.
Find an investment club to join. Teaming up with experienced investors can help you make better financial decisions. Join an investment club and reap the benefits of pooling your money with other investors.

5. Invest in art.

The art business is tricky. It takes more than mere interest to be a successful art investor. The returns can be significant. Take time to learn about the art world and how to invest in art. This can be a sound financial strategy when done correctly.
Lucrative art investments include:
• Art funds
• Blue chip pieces
• Up-and-coming artists
• Older works
Wealth building is easy if you take the right steps with your resources. Understand that building wealth will not happen overnight. It requires consistency and attention to whatever path you decide to take.
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