Protecting Your Energy

I Safeguard Energy

Stressed out after watching the news? Or scrolling through your favorite social media feed? You are not alone. Media overload can bring about feelings of  negativity and hopelessness, or even anxiety. Taking in too much content daily can do more harm than good especially if you want to maintain a positive outlook that can help you stay productive and proactive. Read on to know why skipping the news and other media can be the best thing you can do for yourself this year.

Avoid repetition of negative content 

We’ve had three months of consistent news regarding the fatalities of the corona virus and now we have seamlessly moved to the killings of Amaud Aubery, Breonna Taylor and George Floyd which sparked global protests and riots against racism.   It’s all been a lot to take in for a long period of time. Due to the repetition of negative images and videos its possible for bad energy to start to creep in to create a negative mind, and a negative mind is a powerful magnet that draws negative energy to you. If you want to start a business or get a personal project done, you want to soak in all the positive energy and optimism that you can get.

Seek unbiased info

In the past, you could rely on the news for reliable and accurate reporting but now we have social media which the news has to compete.. Between the two, they offer a narrow view of whatever is currently trending.. Not having a total scope of the issues at hand can lead to confusion and division and many are focusing on the wrong things, i.e. looting instead of blacks being killed. To help safeguard your energy, look for a media outlet that has some semblance of objectivity and always be mindful of the bias that you or they may have.

Think small 

You can make the most difference when you focus on things inside your areas of control. Try to focus on the things you can control, such as making a difference in your home, neighborhood, and community. You can do this by keeping in touch with your local community bulletins, your community Facebook groups, and local forums. If there’s a need, fill it if you can. Make a difference and start in your own backyard.

Balance your intake

Creating a healthy balance between negative info and positive info can make a huge difference in your inner peace. Paying close attention to news and other media is a passive activity, unless it moves you to get up and take concrete action. For the most part, however, ‘being informed’  is not really as productive as it sounds, because monitoring the events of the world is not the same as being on the ground and doing something about it. Limit your news and social media consumption to a few minutes each day, and use the remainder of your free time to do other useful things, like taking a free online course or learning a new craft.

By protecting yourself from negative energy and information you can potentially avoid anxiety, depression and feelings of despair. So stay off of social media and turn off the news during the day. Get your dose of news in the morning, as you drink your coffee. For the rest of the day, try to fill your mind with positive energy and strive to make a difference where you can.