A toxic boss can make the office an awful and anxiety-inducing place. However, you can use your boss’ negative behaviors as a motivation to give 100% at work. Not only will this shine a better spotlight on you, but it also helps you set up a good work track record that will be useful when applying for your next job. Here are five tips on how to handle a toxic boss.

  1. It Is Not About You

More often than not, your boss’s issues in life have nothing to do with you. Childhood issues, dysfunction at home, the stress that comes with a management job, and/or your boss’s own personality flaws could be the only reason he/she is acting the way he/she does. Keep this mind and don’t take it personally or let it impact your peace of mind. When you go to work, focus on your job, getting your work done with excellence, and your own personnel career development. In addition, focus on the positive outside of your job such as your friends, family, loved ones and hobbies.

  1. Use the Toxic Boss’s Behavior to Your Advantage

Toxic boss’s behavior ranges from yelling, screaming, melting down, and undermining your performance. Though their conduct may seem erratic, their behavior is somewhat predictable. Do you know what triggers your boss’s bad behavior? For example, if your boss is a stickler for details and explodes when he is not given enough information, then try to proactively manage the behavior by providing as much information as possible. This is only one example. Take time to think about what was the cause of the outbursts in the past. If you can identify then you can try to diffuse. Learning to anticipate any outcome teaches you to give 100% to every task. Your work will reflect this effort, and hopefully, future and better bosses will see.

  1. Write It Down

Sometimes, the pressures that come with dealing with an unreasonable boss can take its toll. Expressing what you feel is the most helpful way to vent steam, but it is wise not to do this with a co-worker. A safer way would be to write your frustrations down in a letter to your boss. You don’t have to send it to him/her, but the act of writing it all down already comes with a lot of benefits. You get to vent and writing things down can help clear out the negative thoughts from your head so you can have a clearer perspective when it’s time to go back to work.

  1. Look Inward to Derive Work Satisfaction

Whether you are working for a tyrant or someone who likes to point out everything you are doing wrong, it is essential to focus on the reasonable parameters that tell you whether you did a good job or not. If you know that you submitted a killer report even though you used the wrong binder clip, then focus on your performance. You know your worth! Let any irrelevant negative comments roll of your back.

  1. Have a Long-Term Plan in PlaceNo one wants to work for a toxic boss forever. And, no one should be required to do so. Have a long-term plan in place so you can move on, up and out if you have to. Hopefully, if you move, they next job will be with a better boss and a collaborative working environment.

All the tips previously mentioned can help you create a track record of professionalism, an admirable work ethic, and the kind of initiative that would impress any boss. So keep an eye out for any opportunity to move forward and do not be afraid to take the next step when the opportunity appears.